Joan Kravett is an art consultant and interior designer committed to helping companies relocate, renovate, expand or enhance their space. She brings over 30 years of experience, creativity and attention to detail to the selection of furniture, finishes, artwork, accessories, plants and signage.

CURE Urgent Care

Cure Urgent Care 2
Cure Urgent Care 3
Cure Urgent Care 4
Cure Urgent Care 1
CURE Urgent Care is a unique walk-in medical center with three locations: Huntington, LI; Manhattan, the upper west side on Broadway and the upper east side on Third Ave. JMK Art & Design provided the art for all locations.

These photos show the Third Avenue CURE Urgent Care center. The interior architecture of this space had a special impact on our art choices. The ceilings in the reception area were 18 feet high. Consequently, we would begin our search for over-sized images that would be in scale with the interior space of this reception area. As you can see, we chose two perfect images.

Our client wanted a collection of art images that were diverse, colorful, cheerful and thought-provoking. The intent to make patients feel more comfortable while waiting to see the doctor.

We started our research and came up with about 50 images that met all the qualifications. After narrowing that number down in collaboration with the client, we agreed on 26 pieces. We met with our framer after the art arrived and decided on matting and framing. We oversaw the placement and installation.

The opening party last June was a big success! The guests loved the space and the art!