Joan Kravett is an art consultant and interior designer committed to helping companies relocate, renovate, expand or enhance their space. She brings over 30 years of experience, creativity and attention to detail to the selection of furniture, finishes, artwork, accessories, plants and signage.

10 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire an Art Consultant

Does your office look worn or shabby? Are you moving, renovating, expanding or downsizing?

You need an art consultant and probably an interior designer to guide you along the way!

  1. Resources: An art consultant knows value and knows where to look for paintings, prints, collages, sculptures, photographs, tapestries, giclees, posters… in accordance with a client’s preferences and budget.

  2. An art consultant gets a trade discount which often results in a lower price for the client.

  3. It will take an art consultant less time to find that special fine art print…

  4. An art consultant selects the matting and the framing; she oversees placement and installation, as well. The art consultant hires an experienced installer and makes sure he uses the appropriate hardware. Safety is always a concern when hanging art.

  5. Working with an art consultant is educational for all participants and results in a more successful project.

  6. An art consultant will put together a collection that enhances a work environment and enriches people’s lives.

  7. An art consultant can create an office environment that projects success.

  8. A professional-looking office gives clients the confidence they’re looking for when transacting business.

  9. An art consultant can put together a collection that reflects a company’s appreciation of art and culture.

  10. An art consultant has a vast and diverse array of black and white and color images that will excite and delight each and every person that occupies or visits the space.