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The Met / Breuer

Visit The Met/Breuer on 75th St. and Madison Ave.(formerly the Whitney Museum) for an interesting exhibit, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible that presents a unique and surprising perspective regarding art and artists -- unfinished paintings either intentional or due to an array of circumstances.

The Andy Warhol painting was intentionally left unfinished. It included numbers adjacent to shapes that he had drawn. Apparently, his intention was to make the viewer complete the painting, but follow his premise and process already set forth. He thought that viewing paintings should be a collaborative effort and the viewer should play an active role.

Andy Warhol

You will see a beautiful typical Klimt painting of an elegant woman, but half her gown is void of color. There were a series of circumstances that resulted in this unfinished work.

Van Gogh painted a lovely landscape but left the clouds and sky a blank canvas. The story of this painting won't surprise many of you.

Van Gogh

There is a series of six paintings by Twombly hanging in a separate gallery space with benches on the opposite wall. One can sit, relax and perhaps have a similar experience as the artist had. Twombly made the frames for these paintings as well. He continued the painted image onto the frames. This is the first time that this work is being exhibited for public view. It is not known whether Twombly considered these paintings finished or not.

Twombly 6

Finally, there is a Giacometti painting on view. The text says that the artist considered all of his work - paintings and sculpture, unfinished!

You can see the exhibit through September 4.