Joan Kravett is an art consultant and interior designer committed to helping companies relocate, renovate, expand or enhance their space. She brings over 30 years of experience, creativity and attention to detail to the selection of furniture, finishes, artwork, accessories, plants and signage.


Does your office look worn or shabby? Are you moving, renovating, expanding or downsizing? You need an art consultant and probably an interior designer to guide you along the way!
Visit The Met/Breuer on 75th St. and Madison Ave.(formerly the Whitney Museum) for an interesting exhibit, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible that presents a unique and surprising perspective regarding art and artists -- unfinished paintings either intentional or due to an array of circumstances.
Almost everything about art is subjective: genre, images, placement, colors, size. Of course, a lot depends on the space including ceiling height, furniture, lighting - natural and artificial. However, in most instances, art should be hung at eye level. Yes, depending on our height our eye level varies, but 5'6" from the floor to the center of the image is a good starting point.
Jackson Pollock was continually involved  in "process and experimentation." This is reflected in a small but significant retrospective of his work over a 20 year period, presently on view at MOMA. Pollock was instrumental in the creation of the Abstract Expressionist movement, the first American art movement that then became prominent in Europe as well.
Over a period of a couple of months, a client of mine was interested in purchasing this photo-realism painting from me through a dealer in London. It was two years prior that we did purchase a signed print by this artist, Marc Quinn, through that same dealer. However, this time, after several weeks of negotiation and consideration, my client declined to proceed with the purchase for a variety of reasons.